Top-Rated Hedge Trimmers Under $100

Top-Rated Hedge Trimmers Under $100
Do you have only $100 to spend for a quality hedge trimmer? Consider this your lucky day. Here, we’ve catalogued very affordable hedge trimmers.

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Top-Rated, Yet Cheap Hedge Trimmers

This chart presents trimmers that have consistently received a high average rating from consumers.

Trimmer Brand Trimmer Type
WORX WG209 corded
Toro 51490 corded
Remington RM4022H corded
Remington RM4522TH corded
Earthwise HT10024 corded
Earthwise LHT11122 cordless
Earthwise CVPH41018 corded
Greenworks 22612 cordless
Greenworks 22102 cordless
GreenWorks 22122 corded
GreenWorks 22112 corded
Black & Decker TR117 corded
Black & Decker HH2455 corded
Black & Decker HT22 corded
Black & Decker TR116 corded
Black & Decker HT20 corded
Black & Decker NHT524B cordless
Black & Decker LHT2436B cordless
Black & Decker LHT2220 cordless
Black & Decker NHT2218 cordless

Top-Rated Brands, Our Analysis

From our catalogue, there are five brands that appear to sit well among consumers. However, these hedge trimmers are confined to either cordless or corded (electric) items.

Meaning, you can’t expect to find a gas-powered model with a budget of only $100. Also, because corded and cordless trimmers have their own set of limitations (e.g., they’re not as powerful as gas), these trimmers may not be for everyone.

So who are these trimmers ideal for?

These hedge trimmers are ideal for users who are looking for the following.

– a lighweight trimmer that doesn’t make you tired easily even during vertical trimming,
– a quiet and pollution-free product that doesn’t annoy neighbors or environmentalists, and
– a product that you plan on using only twice every quarter.

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