Craftsman C3 CR2600 Cordless Hedge Trimmer Review

Craftsman C3 CR2600 Cordless Hedge Trimmer Review

Described on their official website as “America’s most trusted tool brand,” Craftsman adds the CR2600 into their extensive catalogue of power tools and products.

The Craftsman C3 CR2600 is a cordless hedge trimmer that boasts a 19.2-volt motor which runs on Lithium-ion or NiCad battery. Being a cordless, it eliminates the need for long extension cords or outlets, and you won’t have issues regarding noise.

But is this garden tool worth it? In this Craftsman C3 CR2600 cordless hedge trimmer review, we help you analyze and make a decision.

Some Convenient Features of the CR2600

– It comes with 22-inch blades, which are made from hardened steel.
– The blades are dual-action, so vibration is reduced.
– It has a safety lock to prevent injuries.
– It weighs only 6.3 lbs.
– It has a wrap-around handle, which is expected to provide you with comfort at all angles.

Check out all features of the CR2600 here.

Consumer Feedback

Performance. Even if the battery charge is depleting, the trimmer won’t slow down. It can cut through stems / branches that are a quarter inch or less, as one consumer has said. Stems measuring half inches, on the other hand, can take several seconds to cut. This hedge trimmer does a great job on honeysuckle vines, sand cherries, junipers, shrubs, and even small trees.

Also, this trimmer has been described as having a “nice” maneuverability.

Reach. Its 22-inch blade is long enough to reach a wide

Weight. This power tool is lightweight. As one consumer has said, you can “one-hand the thing.” It is that light that you can reach across hedges without tiring easily.

Material. You might find the plastic material to be “fragile.”

Battery. If you already have a C3 lithium ion battery from a Craftsman power tool you own, you can use this battery to run this cordless hedge trimmer. As for its battery life, one buyer finds the “battery life between charges” to have “exceeded my expectations.” Another buyer said it can last 30 minutes with heavy use.

To summarize, here are some pros and cons of the Craftsman C3 CR2600.

PROS: lightweight, easy to use, relatively long battery life, wide reach, smooth sailing trimming

CON: plastic material can be fragile


The Craftsman CR2600 is not a heavy-duty garden tool. It is highly recommended for small to medium jobs. It is lightweight, so you can use only one hand to trim over a wide area. It can cut up to half-inch branches, and the battery life is pretty impressive.

Learn more about the Craftsman CR2600 here! Or continue checking out other battery-operated hedge trimmers.


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