Earthwise HT10024 Electric Hedge Trimmer Reviewed

Earthwise HT10024 Electric Hedge Trimmer Reviewed

We’ve featured the Earthwise HT10024 in our list of top-rated hedge trimmers under $100. Now, it’s time to see why this power tool deserves your attention.

The HT10024 is a lightweight, electric trimmer that comes with a long blade and a 3.8-amp motor. Its 24-inch blade is ideal for taller- or wider-than-usual shrubs and hedges; and its electric nature gives you a green, low-noise operation.

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Consumer Feedback

Weight. Buyers are divided when it comes to this tool’s weight. While some say it is lightweight, others don’t agree. While some say you shouldn’t have any difficulty holding it even at an upward angle to trim down some tree branches, others disagree. Note that the Earthwise HT10024 weighs approximately 7 pounds.

Ease of Use. This trimmer is easy to handle.

Performance. When it comes to cut quality, most of the previous buyers agree that the HT10024 “cuts clean.” And as one buyer has said, it cuts nicely “even on tough hedges like Holly.” Even on thick branches, the motor will keep going. Plus, the 24-inch blades give you a long-reach functionality. You can trim a 12-ft hedge without difficulty. It saves you time, too.

Limitations. If you’re looking for a stay-on switch on the handle, you won’t find any. Although it can be an advantage to some, it can also be a disadvantage. If fatigue sinks in, you can accidentally pull away, thereby stopping operation. Next, at least two people say that the blade cover / sheath slides off especially when the blade is facing down.

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