Makita LXHU02Z Cordless Hedge Trimmer Review

Makita LXHU02Z Cordless Hedge Trimmer Review

Bored of Red Trimmers? Go Blue with the Makita LXHU02Z!

You probably own a lot of red power tools. And you’re probably thinking of adding variety, color-wise. If so, you might want to go blue this time with the Makita LXHU02Z cordless hedge trimmer.

But is it a good purchase? Does it come with features that can beat (or at least equal) the competition?

In this review, we answer these questions to help you make a sound and informed decision. These answers are taken from consumers themselves — their feedback, comments, and ratings.

Check out the Makita LXHU02Z here!

Key Features and Benefits of the Makita LXHU02Z

Upon unboxing the Makita LXHU02Z, you should see 9-pound hedge trimmer with 22-inch dual-action blades. Check the grip to see if it’s soft and rubberized just like what the manufacturer has advertised.

Other features of the LXHU02Z include:

– one lithium ion battery
– anti-vibration technology
– electric brake
– warning system / indicator light
– 2-handed operation switch
– a shield for the blades

Key benefits include:

– Ergonomic and anti-vibration structure promises utmost comfort during the entire operation.
– 8 pounds is considered light compared with other models, so this should add to your comfort.
– Indicator light on the battery signals when it is time to recharge.
– Quieter than other cordless units.
– 2-handed operation switch prevents accidental startups.
– The shield for the blades is a cool addition to ensure user safety. It also keeps off the dirt.
– Quick blade change eliminates the need to disassemble the housing.

VIDEO: See the LXHU02Z in Action

This video takes you on a “tour” of the LXHU02Z. It was made by a consumer, so expect that he’s thorough showing you the parts of the product. Also, before the end of the video, he gives a little demonstration.

PROS and CONS of the Product

According to consumers, here are the pros and cons of the product.

– looks small but powerful
– battery is easy to click
– comes with a shield to guard the blades to prevent accidents
– quick-change-blade feature works perfectly

– can struggle on thicker bushes


If you’re looking for a hedge trimmer that is easy to operate, lightweight, user-friendly, safe, and for residential use only, consider getting the Makita LXHU02Z.

But just like any battery-operated trimmer, the Makita LXHU02Z is not a substitute for the more powerful gas-powered trimmers. It may also not be the best choice for thick bushes, as one consumer has pointed out. It is quieter than other battery-operated trimmers, so you won’t need any hearing protection.

Get the Makita LXHU02Z here!

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