Oregon HT250 Hedge Trimmer Review

Oregon HT250 Hedge Trimmer Review

Advertised as “rugged and durable,” the Oregon HT250 is a cordless hedge trimmer that weighs 4.0 kg. (8.7 lb.) Its blade that spans 24 inches is dual reciprocating and laser-cut. Therefore, it’s fair to expect cleaner, fast, and smooth cuts.

But is this garden tool as good as the manufacturers say it is? In this Oregon HT250 hedge trimmer review, we help you answer the question.

Fast Facts About the HT250

Oregon HT250– It is made in China.

– It is powered by the Oregon Power Now lithium ion battery, a 40-v Max batery that is compatible across ALL cordless power tools offered by Oregon. That said, if you already have a Power Now battery, you can have the option to purchase a package without it. This is called the “Tool Only” option.

– Since this is not dependent on gas, it starts instantly with one pull of a trigger. This is perfect for people who have difficulty with pull cords.

– It features a variable speed trigger / throttle.

Check out all features and specifications of the Oregon HT250 here.

VIDEO: Unboxing the Oregon Cordless HT250

The video below shows you what you can expect from your brand-new purchase. Expect to find the following: tool / your HT250, charger / cord (if included), battery (if included), operator’s manual.

Consumer Feedback

Oregon HT250 reviewFirst up, the Oregon HT250 can be a bit pricier compared with other cordless hedge trimmers, such as a Black and Decker, which you can get for less than $100.

As for its weight, although you might find that this device is much lightweight compared with a gas-powered model, you might also find that its 8.7-lb. weight can be heavier than other cordless that you’ve been used to. Either way, this trimmer has been described as “well-balanced” and “comfortable to operate.”

When it comes to its performance, one consumer said it’s “extremely sharp and smooth.”

As for the battery’s life, one buyer approximates that you can get 1 hour of continuous use with full speed on the trigger. 2 hours is possible if you use moderate trigger speed.


Just like any other cordless trimmer, the Oregon HT250 is one lightweight trimmer. It’s also convenient and easy to transport because it eliminates the need for long extension cords. As for its performance, it can be comparable with other cordless that we have reviewed (e.g., Greenworks 22262).

So if you’re looking for a cordless, this can be an alternative. But note that you may not be happy with the price tag.

Learn more about the Oregon HT250 here.

OREGON HT250 Hedge Trimmer without Battery/Charger, 40-VoltOREGON HT250 Hedge Trimmer without Battery/Charger, 40-VoltCHECK PRICE