Sun Joe HJ22HTE Hedge Trimmer Review

Sun Joe HJ22HTE Hedge Trimmer Review

The Sun Joe HJ22HTE is lighter than the Dewalt DCHT820P1 for sure, weighing only 5 lbs. (while the latter is 7.5 lbs). But their main difference is that the Sun Joe is electric and the Dewalt is battery-operated.

“Fit + Trim” is the brand’s tagline when it comes to tackling hedge-related tasks. But does the HJ22HTE deliver? Let’s find out in this Sun Joe HJ22HTE hedge trimmer review.

What You Need to Know About the Sun Joe HJ22HTE

Safety First. Snow Joe truly cares for your safety. The Sun Joe HJ22HTE is equipped with 3 features that will prevent blade-related accidents from happening.

One, it has a safety guard to make sure that your hands won’t go anywhere near the blades. Two, this hedge trimmer comes with a dual-handed safety switch so that your unit won’t accidentally start. Three, expect to get a blade cover.

Light in Weight. It’s just 5 lbs. in weight.

Powerful Blades. The HJ22HTE has a 22-inch stainless steel blades for longer reach. These blades are also considered dual-action, which means that the blades run back and forth opposite each other. The result is increased cutting efficiency.

Eco-Friendly. Since this is an electric or corded hedge trimmer, you don’t have to worry about toxic fumes created from gas.

Country of Origin. This hedger is made in China.

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How Did the Sun Joe HJ22HTE Fare Among Consumers?

Performance. True to its specs, the Sun Joe HJ22HTE has limited power. It can cut soft and small branches that measure up to 1/2 inches, as reported by previous buyers. But several people said that it doesn’t perform well with some hedges such as jasmine and podacarpus.

Weight. There’s no complaints in this area. At only 5 lbs., this hedge trimmer is truly lightweight and won’t strain you easily.

Usage. It’s easy to use, and it’s easy to manage.

Bottomline: Sun Joe HJ22HTE Hedge Trimmer Review

Let’s end this Sun Joe HJ22HTE hedge trimmer review with our recommendation.

The Sun Joe HJ22HTE is certainly not the most powerful (electric) hedge trimmer out there. But it’s ideal for light tasks and bushes with soft twigs that measure up to 1/2 inches.

If you’d like to trim shrubs with thick and large branches, it’s best to consider other brands or models.