Toro 51496 Review – Cordless 24-inch 24-volt Lithium-ion Hedge Trimmer

Toro 51496 Review – Cordless 24-inch 24-volt Lithium-ion Hedge Trimmer

Featuring a cordless design, the Toro 51496 boasts at least 3 powerful features: a 24V max lithium-ion battery, 24-inch dual-action blades, and a 90° rotating handle. Although it’s not as powerful as a gas-powered hedge trimmer, this tool has been received well by consumers. In this review, we tell you why.

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Key Features and Benefits of the Toro 51496

Bar Length: 24″
Battery Type: 24V Max Li-Ion
Cut Capacity: 11/16″
Blade Action: Dual Action
Comfort: 190° Rotating Handle
CSA Listed: Yes
Weight: 6.8 lbs
Warranty: 2 years
Accessories: Battery Charger; Standard Battery; Extended Life Battery

Based on the above-stated features, the Toro 51496 promises the following benefits.

First, this hedge trimmer offers convenience. As stated, it’s designed especially for the easy access of hedges, even the hard-to-reach parts. On that note, the the work grip handles are also especially designed to reduce fatigue. As a result, utmost comfort is almost ensured.

Second, the handles can be rotated to 90 degrees, giving you an easy trimming of vertical shrubs and hedges. Aside from that, the blades measure 24 inches, which give you an extended length to reach hard-to-reach places.

Third, the Toro 51496’s lithium-ion battery is designed to outlast traditional nickel-cadmium batteries. If you have a large yard, you can rely on the 51496 to get the job done without you worrying about extension cords or charging every after 20 minutes.

Aside from that, the battery also features an LED charge meter. This eliminates the guess work when determining the time you need to re-charge.

VIDEO: The 51496 in Action

See the Toro 51496 in this promotional video created by its manufacturer.

Our Analysis of the Toro 51496

Are the above-stated benefits met? Here’s our analysis of the Toro 51496 based on consumer feedback, review, and ratings.

Less vibration. It appears that the dual-action blades have contributed to the tool giving off less vibration as compared to other models with single-action blades.

Good battery life. Lithium technology has proven that it can outlast traditional batteries. TIP: To have the longest life for your battery, always store them in a cool, dry place. Never put them in your fridge because of condensation issues.

Lacks the power of a corded trimmer. Per consumer comments, this trimmer can have difficulty trimming larger branches.

Easier trimming in hard-to-reach areas. As what some consumers have noted, don’t be surprise to see how long the trimmer’s blade is. But this is what makes it great. In fact, this length makes it easier to reach areas you can’t with smaller trimmers. Plus, the swivel feature helps trim all parts of your hedges easier.

Quieter. It doesn’t disturb the neighbors you can work at dawn.

Lighweight. Female reviewers / consumers love this trimmer because, as what they have said, they can easily lift it.

VERDICT: Is the Toro 51496 Worth Your Money?

Here’s our recommendation. If you’re looking for a quiet trimmer for some small trimming jobs, the 51496 is your best bet. It’s quiet, it’s lightweight, and the swivel blades can get to hard-to-reach areas easily.

But just as what some consumers have said, don’t expect that this is a powerful alternative to corded models.

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