What is the Best String Trimmer? Our Top 7 Picks

What is the Best String Trimmer Our Top 7 Picks

To come up with our list of the best string trimmers, we’ve considered consumer ratings, feedback, and comments. After all, it’s the end-user who knows best. After all, not all ideas actually work no matter how they were neatly advertised. Some devices may have impressive features on paper but don’t deliver their promised results.

Every buyer may have their own set of criteria, but we found that their common criteria evolve around the following:

– performance, one that can cut through thick weeds without problems
– noise, one that doesn’t wake or annoy neighbors
– weight, one that is balanced and easy to carry even for small-framed individuals
– fatigue reduction, one that they can use for a long time
– features, one with useful features, not just impressive ideas

Top 7 String Trimmer Consumer Picks

As you already know, there are three types of string trimmer – gas, cordless, or corded (electric). Here’s what we found to be the bestselling and top-rated string trimmers available online.

Black & Decker LST136W
Toro 51487
Toro 51480
Black and Decker LST420
– Husqvarna 128DJ

Best String Trimmer Reviews – Top 7 Picks

What do consumers say about the above-stated string trimmers? Let’s take a look at these power tools one by one, providing you with their pros and cons and other important details that you need to know about them.

1. Black & Decker LST136W

The Black & Decker LST136W is a battery-operated string trimmer that features impressive features such as a PowerDrive Transmission, a PowerCommand dial, an Automatic Feed Spool, and easy to switch out 40V max lithium battery.

What do consumers say about the LST136W?

Battery life’s duration can be satisfactory or not depending on the consumer’s preference. As for power, this trimmer can cut through some thick grass or weeds without you having to increase the power. There is limitation, however. If you live in a place where you’re dealing with a larger area and thicker weeds, you’ll need a gas-powered model.

This trimmer is also lightweight. As for the features, truly impressive are the auto-feed system and the safety trigger.

2. Worx WG175

When it comes to features, the Worx WG175 can give the Black and Decker LST136W a run for its money. For instance, it has a 3-in-1 function. It can convert from a trimmer into an in-line edger or a mower. It also has a 12-inch cutting diameter, a quick-release lever, wheels, and a tilting shaft.

Pros and cons according to previous buyers include the following.

The 3-in-1 feature is truly impressive. It’s easy to switch between these functions. It’s also lightweight, and the wheels come in handy. Although several buyers have noted that they struggled with the line advancement.


3. Toro 51487

Another cordless string trimmer on the list, the Toro 51487 features a trimmer/edger combo function, an auto feed trim line system, a power saver mode, extended shaft length, and a wall mount storage hook for easy storage.

Pros and cons of this trimmer include the following: This can last 40-60 minutes depending on usage. Some buyers have noted that the construction is not consistent. Some parts are made from plastic and some, particularly the shaft, is made from aluminum. This is light weight, and can easily be lifted by a female.

Toro 51487 Toro 51487 CHECK PRICE

4. Toro 51480

Unlike the 51487, the Toro 51480 is corded or run by electricity. It has a 5-amp motor, a 14-inch dual-line cutting head, dual function (edger and trimmer), a telescoping shaft, and an adjustable assist handle to give you an extended reach.

Some of consumer feedback for your reference include the following. The cheap plastic parts are a turn-off to some, but given the price, you probably should’nt expect too much. This is lightweight and easy to maneuver, and according to some, it prevents premature fatigue. Although in general, this works properly, some buyers have issues with the string getting tangled after only one use.

Toro 51480Toro 51480CHECK PRICE

5. Tanaka TCG22EASSLP

The Tanaka TCG22EASSLP features a 21.1cc commercial grade 2-stroke engine, and it’s one of two gas-powered string trimmers featured on this list. Its other impressive features include the following: S-Start, SOlid Steel Drive Shaft, a 4-inch semi-automatic trimmer head, Blade Conversion Kit, and an anti-vibration design.

Consumer feedback and comments include the following. It easily starts, with virtually no effort. The engine is well-balanced, which helps to eliminate numbness and fatigue. This is also fuel efficient. At least one buyer has pointed out that the manual is poorly written.


6. Black and Decker LST420

The Black and Decker LST420 is a battery-operated string trimmer with features that include a PowerDrive Transmission, Runtime Extension Technology, and Automatic Feed Spool.

Feedback and comments from previous buyers include the following. This unit is easy to assemble. It is lightweight even with the battery attached. This is ideal for smaller lawns.

Black and Decker LST420Black and Decker LST420CHECK PRICE

7. Husqvarna 128DJ

The Husqvarna 128DJ is a powerful gas string trimmer that features a detachable sfat, comfort handle, smart start feature, and a quiet trimmer line.

What are the pros and cons of this trimmer according to previous buyers?

Several buyers have said that you can’t beat the price of this trimmer. It also is versatile, has plenty of power, and starts easily.

Husqvarna 128DJHusqvarna 128DJCHECK PRICE

Use This Chart to Compare Ratings and Features

This comparison chart is no doubt useful to provide you with a fast way to compare and contrast popular string trimmers available today.

ImageBrand / ModelUnique Features
Black & Decker LST136W PowerDrive Transmission, 40V MAX* lithium battery, PowerCommand dial, Automatic Feed Spool
GreenWorks 212124 Amp Electric Motor, 13-Inch cutting path, .065 single line auto feed, Adjustable telescoping shaft
Black & Decker GH900AFS automatic feed system, Power Drive Transmission, Lightweight ergonomic design, 6.5 amp motor
Black & Decker LCC420 20V Max Lithium Ion battery, Automatic Feed Spool, Sweeper ,
Black and Decker LST420 PowerDrive Transmission, Runtime Extension Technology, Automatic Feed Spool, 2.0 Amp hour lithium battery
Husqvarna 128DJ28cc - 1.1 Hp with a 17" cutting path, Detachable shaft, Comfort handle, Smart Start, Quiet trimmer line
Black & Decker NST1118Groom N' Edge Switch, Power Drive Transmission, Instant Start trigger start, Adjustable length shaft
Toro 5148848-Volt Max Lithium Ion Battery, 13 in. dual line, Cast aluminum trimmer, Auto-feed trim line
Black & Decker ST77004.4 Amp motor; 10,000 RPM, Built-in auxiliary handle, Cord retention system
WORX WG16840-volt battery, Variable speed control, Adjustable handle, Pull out metal guide
WORX WG175 3-in-1 function with dual-position wheels, 32-volt cordless max lithium power battery, 12-inch cutting diameter, Quick-release lever for fast telescopic height adjustments
Toro 5148724V Max Lithium-Ion 2.0 Amp-Hr. battery, Trimmer/Edger combo, Auto Feed Trim Line system, Power saver mode, Extended shaft length, Wall mount storage hook
GreenWorks 21242 High Performance G-MAX 40V Lithium-Ion Battery, 13-inch cutting path, 3-position pivoting head, 90 degree rotating head