Worx vs Black and Decker Trimmer – Read Our Detailed Comparison

Worx vs Black and Decker Trimmer – Read Our Detailed Comparison

Black and Decker has been in the business since 1910, and Worx is not far behind. Both brands have established their own reputation in the power tool business, which has gained them a loyal following.

But let’s face it. These brands are different quality-wise. And if you’re a first-time buyer, you need to know which one to be loyal to (or at least potentially).

So the big question is, which is better when it comes to hedge trimmers? Here, we give you our detailed comparison between these brands — plus our recommendation — in hopes of helping you make an informed decision.

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Worx vs Black and Decker Trimmer: Detailed Comparisons

In this section, we give you a detailed comparison between Worx and Black & Decker hedge trimmers. We’ve scoured online stores to gather information related to these trimmers’ features, types of trimmers available, and most importantly, the ratings and feedback provided by other consumers.

– Hedge Trimmers Available

When it comes to the number of hedge trimmers released by these brands, Black & Decker beats Worx. Based on the catalogues which you can find on these brands’ respective sites, Black & Decker has a total of 21 models. Worx, on the other hand, has only 6 trimmers.

As far as hedge trimmer types are concerned, Black & Decker trimmers are classified according to three types: cordless or battery-operated, corded or electric, and pole hedge trimmers. Worx, on the other hand, offers cordless or battery-operated and corded or electric trimmers.

Bottomline: With Black & Decker, you’ll have more choices if you want to shop around for cordless, electric, or pole hedge trimmers.

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– Unique or Patented Features

If you shop around, you’ll notice that the usual features offered by power tool brands are the following: dual action blade, soft grip, light weight, multi-grip system (to prevent accidents) and lithium batteries. While both Black & Decker and Worx offer these above-stated features, there are some patented or unique features you can enjoy.

4-step telescopic rear handleFor Worx, we’re impressed with their #WG203‘s 4-step telescopic rear handle. This extends your operating reach. We would also like to point out that their Worx #WG255 has an aluminum blade guard covers hardware for smooth cutting performance.

Other features of Worx trimmers that can be common to others include dual action blades, soft grip handle, and transparent hand guard.

For Black & Decker, it has the following trademarked features:

– Power Transmission™ that allows cutting of up to twice more branches than usual (Black & Decker # LHT2436 )
– For electric tillers, the cord retention feature prevents the cord from getting unplugged.

Other features of Black & Decker trimmers (which can be offered by others) include the following: pre-harded steel, wrap-around front handle, and lock-off switch.

Bottomline: As far as features are concerned, Black & Decker beats Worx. This brand has more features to offer. That said, consumers have more benefits.

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– Consumer Ratings

When it comes to ratings, both Black & Decker and Worx have been consistently give high ratings by consumers who have tried and tested them. Both brands have been given more than 4.0 out of a perfect score of 5.0 in almost all of their models.

BUT…in comparison, Black & Decker has received more votes than Worx, not to mention that one of their most popular products listed on Amazon has been reviewed by close to 300 consumers.

Our Recommendation

Based on the comparisons above, Black & Decker hedge trimmers have more features and more models to offer. And let’s not forget that it has been consistently rated highly by consumers. That said, Black & Decker gets our vote as the better model / brand in the Worx vs Black & Decker trimmer battle.

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Black and decker LHT2436

Best-Rated Products of Worx and Black & Decker

Here are the hedge trimmer models that have consistently received positive feedback from consumers. Use these comparison charts to find the best Worx or Black & Decker trimmer for you.

Top-Rated Worx Hedge Trimmers


cordless, 20-Inch 20-Volt MAX Lithium battery, 8.9lbs
cordless, 20-Inch 24-Volt MAX Lithium battery, 9 lbs., aluminum blade cover, multi-grip switch system
cordless, 40-Volt MAX Lithium battery, 9.3 pounds

Top-Rated Black & Decker Hedge Trimmers

rear rotating handle, 24-Inch Blade, dual-action blades, 7 to 8 pounds
22-inch dual-action blades, 20-volt MAX lithium-ion battery, 5.9 pounds, wraparound handle
6.9 pounds, 40-volt lithium-ion battery, 24-inch dual-action blade