Worx WG209 Review (Hedge Trimmer and Pruner)

Worx WG209 Review (Hedge Trimmer and Pruner)

We have reviewed the Worx WG255, a cordless trimmer, with stellar ratings and recommendations. Now, can we say the same thing with another Worx product, the Worx WG209? In this Worx WG209 review, we help you analyze it and make an informed decision.

What can we say about the WG209? Here are some fast facts.

– It’s an electric trimmer powered by a 4.0 amp motor.
– Considered lightweight, it weighs only 5.7 pounds.
– For more trimming reach, the blades span 24 inches. Plus, they’re dual-action and have a 3/4-inch cutting diameter.
– It’s manufactured in China.
– Those expecting for a blade sheath will not find one.

Check out the full list of features of the Worx WG209 here.

Consumer Feedback

Performance. When it comes to this trimmer’s ability to cut branches, buyers have no consensus as to the size of branches it can cut. One said this garden tool can cut branches of up to 5/8 inches in diameter, and another said it had no problem cutting up to 3/8 inch branches.

Power. Although gas-powered models are no doubt more powerful than electrics, the Worx WG209 has been described as having “sufficient power to deal with everything in my yard” and “powerful enough for all the small tree branches and bush twigs.” One buyer even said it’s “much more powerful” than the other brands she used.

Weight. This has been described as “light” and “well-balanced.” It helps that the motor is situated behind the handle. It’s not tiring to use this at all.

Ease of Use. Aside from being described as “simple to use,” this hedge trimmer is easy to handle.


One of the biggest criticisms against electric hedge trimmers (or garden tools) is their need for extension cords. Being an electric, the Worx WG209 no doubt needs one. But if you have a small yard or workspace, this shouldn’t be an issue. Plus, you’ll find this tool ideal if you plan on using it only a few times in a year.

It has plenty of power, though admittedly incomparable with a gas-powered trimmer. It’s well-balanced, lightweight, and easy to use.

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WORX WG209 Hedge Trimmer and Pruner Slim Body Design, 4-AmpWORX WG209 Hedge Trimmer and Pruner Slim Body Design, 4-AmpCHECK PRICE