Greenworks 22262 Review – Does This Trimmer Deliver?

Greenworks 22262 Review – Does This Trimmer Deliver

As a battery-operated hedge trimmer, the Greenworks 22262 eliminates the use of either extension cords or gas. It’s therefore super portable, and it’s harmless to both humans and the environment.

Judging on the product description, there is nothing unique or new feature to say that this hedge trimmer is truly innovative. But with a high score given by consumers, you know that it is special.

What made this hedge trimmer a top-rated product? Let’s find out in this Greenworks 22262 review. In a hurry? Check out the Greenworks 22262 here!

What You Need to Know About the Greenworks 22262

– This unit runs on G-MAX 40V battery and is compatible only with 29462 and 29472.
– The rear handle can be rotated to up to 180 degrees. Expect ease of use when trimming all sides of your hedges.
– It has a wrap-around handle, which ensures utmost user comfort.
– It comes with a 24-inch dual action blade.
– It has an aluminum rail cover for added safety during storage and transport.

greenworks 22262 review
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How Different are the Greenworks Models 22632A and 22262?

This is one of the frequently asked questions. The Greenworks 22632A has a 40V 4 amp battery while the 22262 has a 40V 2 amp battery. That said, the 22632A is more powerful when it comes to battery.

VIDEO: See the 22262 in Action

Forgive the non-English language, but use this video to find out more about the product.

Consumer Feedback: PROS and CONS

Based on what we collected from consumers’ feedback and rating, here are the pros and cons of the Greenworks 22262.

Battery lasts long. On the average, the battery runs 1 1/2 hours before it drains out.
Fast charging. It only takes 50 minutes to re-charge the battery.
Lightweight. Although it’s not as light as an electric trimmer because of the battery, it’s still advantageous if you hate extension cords.
Rotating is a plus. Consumers rave about this feature. They said it’s helpful especially in keeping the trimmer well-balanced.
Cuts through 1/2 ” branches. Although it’s not as powerful as a gas model, this trimmer can cut through a grown hedge like butter. Plus, as one consumer said, this has more torque than his 18V Ryobi.

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Bottomline: Why Does This Trimmer Have a High Rating?

Although it’s not the most powerful hedge trimmer out there, the Greenworks 22262 has surprised consumers mainly because of its long-lasting and fast-charging battery. The rotating handle also comes in handy, and it’s lightweight nature makes it easy to maneuver and operate.

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