Worx WG255 Review

Worx WG255 Review

As a cordless hedge trimmer, the Worx WG255 runs through a battery. But compared with other brands, the WG255 is powered by a longer-lasting 20-v max lithium ion battery, which lasts 30 minutes or more. Plus, it charges quickly.

Other key features of this cordless trimmer include:

– dual-action blades
– multi-grip switch system
– 8.9 lbs.
– rust-proof aluminum blade cover
– ergonomic design

With these features, expect these benefits:

– smooth cutting performance
– less fatigue
– comfortable and easy to use
– more compact, more lightweight
– no tangled cords
– very portable

Consumer Feedback

Only consumers can tell whether or not the above-stated benefits are delivered. So, were they? Here’s how the Worx WG255 fared among consumers.

Lasts for medium yard. The battery indeed lasts long, and this has been mentioned by several consumers.

Feels balanced in your hands. Even if they’re lightweight, trimmers can be “heavy” since the weight is focused on only one side. But because the Worx WG255 has an ergonomic design, less fatigue is to be expected during operation.

No hassle from long extension cords. This is a given from a cordless machine. But the fact that it was brought up many times by consumers means they are really happy about this feature.

Safe to use. Consumers also appreciate the Worx WG255 safety features, which include the double trigger system. You don’t have to worry about accidental startups. And as one consumer has said, you don’t develop a “cramped hand trying to hold to keep it on.”

VERDICT: Worx WG255 “Worx” Flawlessly

The Worx WG255 has received a high score over at Amazon. It goes anywhere, the battery lasts more than enough, and it’s comfortable to use. This hedge trimmer is ideal for people who are looking for a lightweight trimmer that cuts through plants well without dragging around lengths of power cord.

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